Tender Garden Early Childhood Learning Center

Serving Nassau County for over 16 Years.

About Us

Where Little Seeds Blossom

Tender Garden’s early childhood programs aim to educate the whole child-intellectually, physically and emotionally. We prepare children from ages 2 1/2 to 4 years to achieve age appropriate, developmental milestones.

At Tender Garden Early Childhood Learning Center our goal is to build self-esteem and set the foundation for children to grow into mature, confident adults.

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS JANUARY 10th at 7am.  Please call 516-731-4322 for more information on classes, registration forms and to set up tour.

Summer Camp, Masterminds, K-Prep and Welcome to the 2’s

Registration begins on February 5th 

Come Visit Us

Please call us at 516-731-4322 to set up a tour.

Our Instructors

  • All Tender Garden teachers are New York State certified.
  • Staff members have certification in CPR, First-Aid, Epi-Pen and AED administration.
  • All employees must have prior professional experience working with children in a school setting. 
  • Our teachers and assistants participate in ongoing training to ensure our students have access to the latest educational resources and learning opportunities.
  • Employees who work on school grounds undergo background checks though the Office of Children and Family Services