Summer Camp

Registration for Summer Programs Begins on Monday February 5th.  Please call 516-731-4322 for registration forms 

Summer Camp 2024

  Our camp is offered to children ages 2-Pre-K.  We offer two choices:

 July 8th – August 9th 

MWF  9:00-1:00       

 MWF 9:00-1:00     your choice of  2 consecutive weeks 

 Our camp is a 5 week program.  Each week is a different theme consisting of hands on projects and activities. We also have the kids enjoy water time each week.  Our favorite ice-cream man visits weekly for our favorite treats.  We do not leave our school building facilities; all entertainment is on site.  Lunch is provided by parent. 


Masterminds Summer Camp-

A new experience that will spark your child’s interest in STEAM, build skills for the future and be a ton of fun.  In this program your child will visit each mastermind lab.  “Little Beakers Science lab”, “Fun time Ceramics”, and ” Robotics”. 

July 9th-August 8th

Tuesdays & Thursdays  9:00-12:00


Welcome to the 2’s-

This is an introductory class for any child looking to start a 2-year-old program for the fall.  This class will include: arts and crafts, playtime, snack, music and movement. It’s the perfect start to your child’s preschool journey.

July 16th-August 8th 

Tuesdays & Thursdays



Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten Here We Come!!  Summer learning programs have the potential to help children improve their academic outcomes.  This course is a summer bridge class for children entering kindergarten.  We will review skills and concepts such as Writing Skills- the formation of letters and numbers, First and Last Names; Pre Math Skills- sequencing, patterns, addition; Pre-Writing Skills- letter identification, sight words, rhyming that were presented during the school year.  All review classes will use our Summer Reading Program, Educational & Social learning games and activities and interactive manipulatives.  In addition, we will introduce new skills that your children will work on in Kindergarten next year.

We offer 2 options: Pre-K Review or Pre-K Enrichment- Placement will be based on your teacher’s recommendation to ensure academic success for your child.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

5 weeks: June 9th – August 8th 

9am – 11am